Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Falls Town: The Houses on Calle Rizal (Calle Real) 2

* an archway of the past

* in faded pink

* side streets in town maintain the look of an old Spanish town

* only the front pillars remain; feel free, dear reader, to imagine what the house looked like when it was still whole

* gives one an ancient feel; this one is literally covered in greeneries

This is just a continuation of the last entry. We can see here the other houses along Rizal Street in Pagsanjan. What’s good about the place is that they keep the remnants of houses that once stood whole along the street. You can find ancient-looking archways, pillars of what looked like elegant houses before, among other. Perhaps besides the passage of time (which brought along with it natural phenomena that probably contributed to the wear and tear of houses, such as typhoons), I speculate that it was World War II that brought destruction to most of the houses there. The church was not spared during the war. How much more the houses that could have been easy targets for the enemies?

* surviving stone works

* a beauty!

* I took a fancy with that thing on the lower right - a waiting shed with a pointed hat on top

* old yet still pleasing to the eyes

* the concretes are what usually remains with the passage of time

* again, a beauty

Again, I feel bitin in sharing things here about Pagsanjan. I am left with names and events that are ready for research (adding to the piles of data I’ve gathered in my tours). The visit to places is always a start. But then, learning about places is a huge task. Let these short blog entries suffice for now. I believe I can elevate the nature and process of sharing details here in Back Trails. Finally, let me share here some random shots.

* Pagsanjan Public Market at dusk
* Pagsanjeños making last-minute purchases before night falls

I was still not able to make a search about the bodies of water in Pagsanjan which could be the possible place or places of inspiration for the name. Well, I hope I could finally share it here after my visit to Pagsanjan Falls. Kelan kaya ‘yun?

Pensees: One thing I am probably missing in my tours is the food products of the places I visit. Better make a series of entries about Philippine food and cuisine. Perhaps next year.

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  1. thank you for your latest pics of Pagsanjan.. if you walk to Hocson street and Mabini street you will see more old houses.