Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Falls Town: The Houses on Calle Rizal (Calle Real) 1

* statue of a fair lady; found along Rizal Street

* a house found just before you enter Puerta Real

* a classic Volkswagen

* my ideal old house – wide windows, imposing stairs,
and right along the town’s main street; this one is called Casa Antigua de Zalamea

* houses near Puerta Real

* American? (or is it post-American?) style of structure; this one houses the Pagsanjan Water District

The Spanish style of lay-outing towns during the Spanish period is still evident in Pagsanjan. The existence of Rizal Street proves this. I have read somewhere that it was then called Calle Real or Royal Street, apparently to refer to the town’s principal thoroughfare.

* old yet still resilient* what’s charming about the town are its street lights which enrich the view of the rows of old houses specifically along Rizal Street

* the office of the Anluwagi Design-Build Services

* houses found on a side street

* there’s definitely an elegant feel in this one

I would not conceal my feeling of jealousy of this town. Walking down a street decked by big, old houses of Spanish origins is one of the most fulfilling things to do. And such houses are nonexistent in San Pablo, a victim of lost art and culture. I cannot imagine someone selling a house in that place. But there was one! Although it was not a very big one, to own one in that place is a privilege already. Well, time will come that I will be able to own one. That is a resolve.

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