Sunday, September 5, 2010

That Grand Old House at Tiaong-Bantayan Highway

Traveling in a bus en route to Candelaria last week, I found myself anticipating seeing again that beautiful house along the highway in Tiaong, Quezon. It was easily remembered as it used to stand between Tiaong Elementary School and a junction they call Bantayan.

It was to my big surprise to discover that it was already gone, probably demolished since it was bought already by some lover of old houses. Perhaps I felt a tinge of sadness also, as I have always intimated that I shall be acquiring that one, even living in that every place if it would be possible.

I cannot say that there are many other houses that I can buy in the future. For me, there are no more other such houses. We are in a time when modernization runs through the very veins of our living, and such old houses become more apparently pieces of antiques and treasures. I would not distance myself from such labeling for people who adore them. I do want to own such a house as well. It is my hope that those who are taking interest in such houses are treasuring them as much as a history (or antique, for that matter) buff would.

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