Sunday, September 26, 2010

Circuiting Manila 6: Manila Bay, Continued

* the end part of the US Embassy in Roxas Boulevard; at least I was able to do that, for during earlier trips the guards at the main gate would not allow us to take pictures of the front

* a portion of Bay Walk with the area of CCP in the background

* Trailer Pransis contemplating (hope you, chance reader, would not notice my already-bulging stomach)

* a fine view: the boulevard with the palm trees

* found along the way, a statue of Jose P. Laurel, looking furious over something

Just thinking Manila Bay right now, I am thinking of walking the length of Roxas Boulevard, from the are of the Cultural Center of the Philippines up to North Harbor, just to take in all of the many different objects of interest, historical or not. These retail entries on Manila Bay are becoming unhealthy; the thoughts get fragmented to some extent. But the retail trips to Manila are always good, of course!

[How to go Roxas Boulevard: I would admit that I know nothing of any public transport that traverses the boulevard but you can hail a taxi from Taft Avenue to get you there, which I have done a number of times already. Hope you won’t get stuck in traffic.]

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