Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oriental Mindoro Tours: Contest Winner!

* Trailer Pransis receiving the cash prize; I really look thin here – of course, those were the smoke times; Photo: from the Insights Café website

* a view of a part of Insights Café as viewed from the second floor of the place

I hope it would not look bad if I start things off with a petty show-off.

Anyway, there was this essay writing contest before, an obvious promotional activity of Insights Café in Calapan. The theme was about a Calapeño role model. Since I am no hardcore Calapan resident, I naturally chose a transient Calapeño, none other than maestro NVM Gonzalez.

In my essay (which, some of my friends said in jest, was probably one of the few entries entered in the contest; that I won meant to them that only a few participated) I emphasized on the importance of NVM’s stay in Calapan, believing that it was constructive in the formation of his style of depicting simple (Filipino) life settings in his works. Whether my hypothesis worked or not, I was given some cash (which paid, in part, my school fees!) and a few free food and drinks at their café.

There were three winners and you can read the essays at the Insights Cafe Web Site: http://www.insights.tabulas.com.

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