Saturday, January 23, 2010

In Passing: San Antonio, Quezon

San Antonio is the place you would definitely pass through if you would take the short cut to Padre Garcia, Batangas via San Pablo, Laguna. I would not put in historical tidbits here for I really have not dug in any. I would just like to share some of the shots I had while taking the ride back from Padre Garcia and Rosario.

* the local church in San Antonio

* the town market; curiously far from the residential areas

* the fields in San Antonio; beyond these is probably Rosario

* a bridge in the midst of the greeneries - Quipot Bridge

Next task: Plan a trip to the place and visit their beautiful town library. Too bad I was not able to take a shot of it. Next time, next time.


  1. nice page! i appreciate you passing in my town San Antonio. You can also visit this site regarding this town.

    I would appreciate if I can have a copy of this photos for my site. thanks

  2. Thank you! A revisit to the town is on plan already, as I want to visit the library there.

    If it would serve to promote the town, I think it would be alright, for as long as you would recognize this blog site (and me, the writer *laughs*) as the source of the photos.

    Again, thank you!

  3. ofcourse you and your blog site will be highly recognized. I really wanna promote my town through my site.