Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2017 Feast of Saint Paul the First Hermit Parish Novena and Mass Schedule

The festivities in San Pablo City, Laguna in connection with the Feast of Saint Paul the First Hermit (San Pablo Ang Unang Ermitanyo) and the annual Coconut (Coco) Festival are well underway. Beyond all the nightly beer plaza as they dubbed it and the much anticipated Mardi Gras Street Dancing Competition (which will happen on January 13), the events are still rooted on religion. 

This year the parish of Saint Paul the First Hermit called it DPKK: Daan sa Pagkilala kay San Pablo Unang Ermitanyo. Listed below are the novenas and masses that have been held and will be held in San Pablo City Cathedral.

Novena (4:00 pm)

January 06 – Rev. Fr. Reine Eriga, VF
January 07 – Rev. Fr. Reynaldo Hayag
January 08 – Rev. Msgr. Alex Amante, STHD
January 09 – Rev. Jose Thor Villacarlos
January 10 – Rev. Msgr. Mario Rafael Castillo (Homilist: Rev. Fr. Jorge Seldon Coronado)
January 11 – Rev. Msgr. Eser Taguilaso
January 12 – Rev. Fr. Roy Reyes
January 13 – Rev. Fr. Edwin Lusterio
January 14 – Most Rev. Leo M. Drona, DD (Homilist: Rev. Fr. Jerry E. Gaela, PhD, EV)

Feast Day Mass – January 15

04:45 am – Cathedral Priests
06:15 am – Rev. Msgr. Jerry V. Bitoon, STHD, VG
07:45 am – Seminary Fathers
10:00 am – Most Rev. Buenaventura Famadico, DD (Homilist: Rev. Fr. Amado Picardal, CSSR)
08:00 am – Sacrament of Baptism (St. Jude Chapel – Deacons)
02:00 pm – Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales
04:00 pm – Most Rev. Emilio Marquez, DD
05:15 pm – Most Rev. Bernardino Cortez, DD
06:30 pm – Msgr. Melchor Barcena, JCL

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