Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Tours Continue Here in Back Trails


What’s good about this existence is that you get to have second chances and most often more than that. Not that I am tolerating stalling but I am just expressing my gladness in seeing myself again in front of my laptop with the MS Word on screen and seeing the word ‘backtrails’.

Yes, Back Trails is back in the business again.

Back in the business of writing about my not-so-very-far travels. Back in the business of sharing notes related to Philippine and our local history gathered from tours to towns and cities. Back in the business of conversing with people online anything and everything about history, culture, or traveling.

During the five-month hiatus on blogging, I was able to check myself how far I would want to see Back Trails go, how far I want to improve on my amateur photography skills, and how far I want to bring my passion for writing and history. This is endeavor is quite far from the degree I got from college but the problem of making a career out of it is something I have to deal with at another time. This is my love, this is my passion, and I want to mark the return of Back Trails by reaffirming this interest that was born way back in my elementary days.

It would still be a long way to establish Back Trails as a historical and cultural information source, however naive this vision might seem. It would take even a longer way to fully devote my time and source to this. But time fortunately is still on my side and there will be opportunities to refurbish Back Trails, not to impress other people but primarily to bring it to another level that would attract readers from different backgrounds and even nationalities and get them involved in discussions on history.

And so the tours, the travels, continue here in Back Trails!

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