Friday, May 2, 2014

Easter Sunday in Calauan, Laguna


The coming of the Easter Sunday brought in a festive mood as the Holy Week ended. In San Pablo Catholics had the annual Encuentro and they conducted it together with a brief show of fireworks.

We opted to troop in a single jeepney ride to Calauan, Laguna where we blended in with the locals taking a breather in their small park (in the center of which stand a tall pinya or piña statue). It was calming indeed to see the sun set on the western horizon as the churchgoers headed back to their homes. I have always been fascinated by that rural feel I always feel whenever I visit a Laguna town. The last mass of the Easter in Calauan started at seven in the evening but we chose to stay in the park in darkness.

There was one sad detail I saw: a planned construction of a canopy just outside the church facade. Given not all people could be accommodated at a single mass but it is not enough reason to erect what could be an ugly shape in front of the church. Given, this may not have been the original place where the first town church was built but as a form of respect to the original designers of the church, that canopy should not be built there at all. It’s quite sad, but based on the tarpaulin bearing all these “happy” news, the construction is a go already.

The coming of the Easter signalled the end of one of the high holidays of the Catholics but it also signalled the end of the longish vacation. Back to work!

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