Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2013 Liliw Gat Tayaw Tsinelas Festival Visit

 * welcome arc to this year’s Tsinelas Festival

 * this year’s festival poster

Random internet search gave us a chance to break the monotony of the weekend. This was when we learned that 2013 Liliw Gat Tayaw Tsinelas Festival is on its last day. Officially commencing on April 24, 2013, the annual Tsinelas Festival is a five-day celebration in the town of Liliw, Laguna.

 * symbolic slipper, Liliw’s prime product

* Pransisem posing with a statue of the great Gat Tayaw (and presumably, his dog)

The festival activities were the following:

April 24 – Mass, Opening Ceremony, Parade, Street Fashion Show, Photo Contest, “Disenyo” Juding

April 25 – Jobs Fair, Liliweños Got Talent

April 26 – Lukayuan, Awit, Sayaw Atbp., Haranang Bayan ni Heber Bartolome

April 27 – Bailete Street Party

* the town in a fete!

 * Mutya ng Liliw 2013 candidates
      * the town hall above the town flaglets

* plants for sale in the festival

The Last day was reserved for the Mutya ng Liliw 2013 Coronation Night. In reflecting about the fest’s title it seems like it is a double celebration: to take pride in its prime product – the slipper – and to recognize the town’s pioneer, Gat Tayaw.


* tsinelas, oversize tsinelas, winning tsinelas, and tsinelas stores

This year’s Tsinelas festival is packed with a wide range of stores where you can buy shoes, slippers, sandals, and other native materials made in the town of Liliw. Food-wise there are, I think, more food available to the visitors. It was good to find here a street food version of “Watusi”, something in which I became attached to during my elementary schools days. It felt good again freely eating out in the street like a child. Although our second round of food was shawarma (which is not entirely native to us), it was still good to literally eat outside. As for Arabella, we decided to visit the place at a more convenient time.

 * tsinelas, oversize tsinelas, winning tsinelas, and tsinelas stores

The story of how tsinelas (and other similar footwear) came to be Liliw’s signature product is an interesting line of study. And one cannot help but be proud of this town’s resilience and happy disposition at the same time, knowing that people gladly come to their place for their original products.
 * tsinelas, oversize tsinelas, winning tsinelas, and tsinelas stores

But note that you can still visit Liliw outside the Tsinelas Festival period since there are mainstay stores which sell slippers and other footwear throughout the year.

 * long time, no eat – Watusi!

* view of some of the old houses in the vicinity of the festival area

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