Thursday, April 5, 2012

Holy Wednesday 2012 Procession, San Pablo City, Laguna

* mass on Holy Wednesday

* images of Christ and of His life on earth

San Pableños are now gearing up for the upcoming Good Friday procession and the procession held and organized by the San Pablo Cathedral is just a preview of what’s in store for Friday. This particular Holy Wednesday procession commenced after the later afternoon mass in San Pablo Cathedral and features carosas of Christ and His life here on earth. But this was small compared to the one to be held on Friday as it would feature huge carosas being pulled by many people.

* isang banda ng musiko!

* procession commences

* children church ministers lining up for the procession

* in procession

The smell of incense and of burning candles permeated the very air outside the Cathedral. Then there were also the mixture of voices and shouts from the procession attendees. Somehow, the scene gives me that religious feel, a sort of solemnity that is, to a certain extent, a characteristic of Christianity, particularly Roman Catholicism.

* a scaffold found inside San Pablo Cathedral

* children climbing up the scaffold

* people preparing for the procession

* tarpaulin for the Chrism Mass on Maundy Thursday

One comical remark I overhead was from two kids talking to each other, the one saying that it would have been better if they used real persons in the carosas. This somehow struck home as it has been my wish too when I was still a child.

More on about the Holy Week commemorations here in San Pablo City, Laguna in future posts.

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  1. nice.. mgandang additions sana dito yung ang paghahanda sa paglilibing saka jesus is nailed to the cross