Friday, August 27, 2010

Circuiting Manila 2: Museo Pambata

A place for fun and historical enrichment of the self; for both children and adults. This is the Museo Pambata.

It is housed today on the former place of the Manila Lodge of the Elks (founded 1902), a nationalistic group of Americans in the business sector. It was designed by William Parsons in 1907 and the building was inaugurated in 1911. The place was actually part of the plans of Burnham and Anderson of restructuring Manila at that time. The building later housed the Museum of Philippine Art, then the office of the Manila Overseas Press Club, then the Museo Pambata.

* a beautiful doll with its equally beautiful Spanish costume

* one big bell close, as you can see, at a replica of a ship

* a tower I built out of blocks of wood, later destroyed by the trembling table to demonstrate the effecst of an earthquake; found at the science area

* Trailer Pransis enjoying the features of Museo Pambata

It is a multi-realm museum, ranging from culture, tradition, science, nature, art, among other. The museum features dolls dressed in different local costumes. Then there are the play areas where one can enjoy being a sailor, a fireman, a baker, a barber, or an astronaut. There is also a replica of trams that once plied the streets of Manila. An art place is also open for children to let go of their creative imaginations. The science area treats the visitors with on hand science-in-action experiments and activities. One highlight is a moon rock, a gift from the then US President Bill Clinton.

Perhaps there are many new features for the place. Too bad the museum was close when we did our re-visit. In any case, the catch here is that it is not strictly a children’s museum. Young people and adults can enjoy the place as much as children would. And by the way, the museum is now open for hosting birthday parties. Cheers for this service.

[How to go to Museo Pambata: If you have followed my earlier entry about Luneta Park, chance reader, you only have to cross Roxas Boulevard. The museum is found at the corner of Roxas Boulevard and South Drive in Ermita, Manila. Adult entrance fee then was 60 pesos. So more or less that is still the fee. A hundred pesos for each visiting person I think is enough to gain entry to the place; may sukli pa.]

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