Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Lake is a Bay: Bay (Ba’i), Laguna Barangay Tours

On looking back, I believe that my conception that Bay is just a small town was brought about by my everyday noticing at how small its town proper is. But having spent some time there, it is relatively small, but certainly big in terms of the prospective tour places. Not so many tourists’ spot, in the term’s common usage, but one can appreciate the rural scenes scattered here and there.

* a view of the fields in Bay with the border mountains of Calauan in the background, shot at Hanggan, Bay

* behold, the UP Rural High School site at Barangay Paciano Rizal

* view of the river side just before reaching UP Rural High School; notice the white structure on the lower right, it is actually a welcome sign which was brought down there by typhoon Milenyo

As observed also in some town on the island provinces in Luzon, public transports to different barangays are usually found in thee town proper, specifically on the town market. There is this jeep terminal that would take passengers to the mountainous place of Bitin, indeed far from Bay town proper, but surprisingly still part of the town. This is where the Mak-Ban Geothermal Plant is found (although I am sure if it’s still the name of the facility there).

* a view of Mount Maquiling from Jubileeville, Barangay Masaya

* welcome arc of Barangay Masaya, are all the people there wear all smiles everyday?

* a local church in Barangay Puypuy

* if one would take a closer look at the house, it’s actually an old one, but unfortunately had to suffer the bad repairs of its occupants; found in Barangay Puypuy

Although there are many varied personal reasons for liking and disliking people and places, one of the most fulfilling experiences in Bay is to find yourself in an open area (as in the case of Barangay Masaya where there are many open spaces) and behold the many beautiful stars that are always a treat when there are no clouds in the night sky.

* the mighty calo at Barangay Calo

* not a good shot at all, but the stone structure certainly has been there a long time ago, unfortunately was not able to scrutinize it for any engravings of date and names, found at poblacion

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